Serial Killers

University of Tampa Serial Killer Summer II 2009 Course

Author Info

Kim Schnurbush has a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of New Hampshire and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Fitchburg State College. She is nearing the completion of her Ph.D. at Sam Houston State University, College of Criminal Justice. Her primary research interests are the death penalty, wrongful convictions and mental health issues within correctional institutions. Kim has extensive professional experience as a police officer and as a civil investigator. She also has several years of experience as both a college and a University instructor. While living in Texas, Kim worked on a Department of Justice grant where she coordinated trainings for law enforcement throughout the Western U.S. on the handling of DNA evidence at crime scenes. Because of her experience with the Department of Justice grant, she conducted research regarding DNA policies and their implementation at the local law enforcement level across the State of Texas. Her article was published last fall in the TELEMASP journal which has an audience of not only Texas law enforcement, but various law enforcement agencies and personnel throughout the world. Kim also worked for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice as an Investigator while working on her Ph.D. studies. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice, formerly known as the Texas Department of Corrections, is known by many in the correctional field as the “flagship” of correctional systems because of their successful history, size, management structure and programs offered to offenders within the correctional system.

Note:  This blogging website was created as a learning tool for students in a serial killer course at the University of Tampa, Summer II, 2009.  Because of the sucess in the use of blogging as a way to enhance student learning during the Spring 2009 term, this blog site was created as a supplement for this summer course.  Enjoy!


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